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Hand Painted Signs & Graphics

Hand painted signs are the real deal; classical, practical and effective. We specialize in traditional hand painted signage that is guaranteed to help your business stand out. 

Office Signs

If you're looking to add pizazz to your office, look no further. With a variety of material options to choose from, we can create a custom sign to elevate and define your workspace.

Gold Leaf Signs

If you really want to take your signage to the next level, it doesn't get more premium than 23k gold leaf. We are skilled in this lost art and would love to help your business shine. 

Hand Painted Murals

If you're goal is to increase your visibility with an eye catching mural, we have you (and your walls) covered. Interior and exterior murals are a great way to grab attention and create a fun photo-op for your customers

Ghost Signs

Are you looking for a weathered or distressed sign? A ghost sign will help you achieve the look you're wanting. We can create a sign that looks naturally aged like it's been there all along. 

Roof Signs

If you are planning to promote your business via drone footage or draw people in from above, Roof Signs will do just that. We are experienced in painting roof logos and graphics to make your building pop. 


Neon will never go out of style. With so many options available we can help you find the right neon sign for your space and electrical capabilities. 

Vinyl Graphics

We have 25 years of experience in vinyl signs and graphics of all kinds. Fast and affordable, vinyl signs can be customized to fit your needs whether large or small, permanent or temporary. Let us know how we can be of help to you!

Sign Restorations

Old and aging signs are sometimes in need of some TLC. We are seasoned in restoring signage to it's original beauty. 

Dimensional Signs

We can customize lettering and logos from virtually any type of material; metal, aluminum, wood, acrylic, plastic, foam and more. We would love to help you achieve a professional, quality look for your needs.  

Blade Signs

Blade Signs easily attract both vehicle and foot traffic. We can help fabricate, permit and install blade signs of all types. 

Routed Signs

Routed signs offer both affordability and versatility for your sign needs. With so many ways to customize and add a special touch you are sure to have a sign that stands out.


New Hand Signs is a licensed, bonded and insured sign company servicing the Gulf Coast. We are both experienced and equipped to pull the proper permits and install your sign the right way. 


Need it all? We offer a full package deal that includes design, fabrication, permits and installation. We will take care of everything so you don't have to! Get a free quote today!

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